The Building

In 1932, when the Art Deco icon the Cities Services Building was completed, the 66-story skyscraper redefined architecture for the era—for the neighborhood, for New York and for the world.

At 952 feet, the sculpted, brick-clad tower was the world’s third tallest, after the Empire State and Chrysler Buildings, making history and the Manhattan skyline. An enduring signature of Lower Manhattan—of a city built on progress, on invention, on ambition through the decades—the skyscraper later and best known as the AIG Building achieved landmark status in 2011.

Today, 70 Pine has been reimagined as one of the great places to live downtown. At the intersection of Pine and Pearl Streets, the building is bustling with shops and community and commerce—with New Yorkers and international visitors, with the continual excitement and reinvention of the city. In welcome contrast, the rooftop opens up fine dining and a lounge with rarified 360-degree views of the harbor and the ever-changing, ever-compelling cityscape.

This is a building that has always stood at the center of what it means to experience the true spirit and texture and luxury of New York. This is a building that today stands for full-service downtown living, whether that’s for three days or three weeks—or for 85 years with landmark status.

Stay inventive.


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