How to Keep Your Dog Happy During a Hotel Stay

How to Keep Your Dog Happy During a Hotel Stay

In the age of Instagram-famous animal “influencers”, doggy yoga and an entire industry of pet-tech startups, the (human) hospitality industry is catching up by becoming more and more pet-friendly.

Although there’s still a long way to go, an increasing number of hotels have changed their policies to allow dogs or gone the extra mile to accommodate them, providing canine necessities or special amenities and services. But even in such a hotel, you want to do everything you can to make your furry friend’s stay as easy and comfortable as possible. Here are five ways to do so.

1. Contact the hotel ahead of time and ask what they can provide

Before you try to squeeze all of your dog’s possessions into your suitcase, give the hotel a call and see if they can provide basic pet necessities for you. That may include a bed, food/water bowl, toys, etc. Don’t be afraid to request an item that the hotel does not immediately offer.

2. …but bring your own supplies, too

Use your best judgment regarding which items you bring from home. For instance, your dog may only drink water from a specific bowl or have trouble sleeping without their favorite blanket. You know them best! Bringing these items will also help create a sense of familiarity and comfort away from home.

3. Request your room wisely

If you have the option, request a room located on the ground floor of the building to make outdoor potty breaks easier. A room near the elevator or stairwell is your second best bet.

4. Consult the concierge

Hotel concierges don’t just serve human needs. Take advantage of their expertise and resources should you need a dog-sitter, grooming services, animal supply store, etc. during your stay. Also be sure to ask if they partner with any local pet businesses and offer discounts.

5. Keep your dog busy

A bored dog will find ways to pass the time, and those ways may involve destroying your possessions or, even worse, the hotel’s. Take extra precaution to keep your dog busy and entertained during your stay by giving them plenty of exercise, toys and healthy things to chew on. Try a KONG filled with an edible prize, or a long-lasting chew treat like a bully stick.

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