Q&A Residential Hotel in Lonely Planet Magazine

Q&A Residential Hotel in Lonely Planet Magazine

(Translated from Dutch)

Why Q&A?

After a day strolling through the busy streets of the City that never sleeps, it is wonderful to have your own spot where you can refuel (and get over your jetlag). The location of Q&A Residential Hotel in Lower Manhattan is not only beautiful, the building itself is also a gem. The historic skyscraper on 70 Pine Street, the American International Building, was opened in 1932 and after all these years still exudes the allure of bygone times. The Art Deco atmosphere has remained unchanged, but the rooms are now equipped with all modern conveniences.

Why now?

In the summer months New York is at its liveliest. In the Brooklyn Bridge Park, a short walk along the iconic bridge, numerous summer events are organized, including free concerts and an open-air cinema (brooklynbridgepark.org). Temperatures can rise considerably; Cool off on the beach of Coney Island, which can be reached by metro.

How is the room?

The modern rooms are furnished as short stay apartments. Everywhere is thought of: from dishwasher tablets in the kitchen and detergent and a dryer in the hallway closet to luxury L’Occitane toiletries in the bathroom. It feels almost as if you live in NYC with a little empathy. The rooms are incredibly spacious and you have everything to stay well (also with a family or friends). Also nice; the hotel has a crazy fitness center in the basement.

What is there to eat?

Under the hotel is a cozy coffee bar where you can have a breakfast. But as soon as you walk out, you will find good coffee shops, breakfast and lunch bars and of course countless restaurants on every corner. Eating outside the door is certainly no punishment in this fast and business district of New York.

Outside the door

The metro is literally opposite the entrance of the hotel and Wall Street is just a minute’s walk away. It is nice to have a cup of coffee early in the morning to see how people in this financial district are already walking and hanging their necks to the office, because time is money. From the lobby you walk in one direction to the East River where you can watch the passing boats and ships on a bench or in the other direction in no time to the impressive One World Trade Center.

What does it cost?

The rooms can be booked from $ 199 per night. And if you pay a little bit more than you are already in a spacious studio where you can dance in the living room without bumping the furniture (qandahotel.com).