NYC Summer Travel Tips: How to Stay Cool, Calm and Collected

NYC Summer Travel Tips: How to Stay Cool, Calm and Collected

New Yorkers live for the summer, spending each one as if it’s their last. Those coveted few weeks from Memorial Day to Labor Day are jam-packed with things to do, people to meet and places to see. They’re also hot, sticky and sweaty, explaining why so many locals flee to the Hamptons on a regular basis. Not everyone has that luxury, of course, but if you’re a business or leisure traveler left behind in the city, fear not. With the following tips, hot summer days in NYC are not just manageable but enjoyable.

1. Avoid tourist attractions on weekends

Summer is one of the most popular times of year to visit NYC, so chances are if you hit up a tourist attraction on a weekend, you won’t be the only one who had the same idea. If you have the ability, do your sightseeing on a weekday when crowds are smaller and admissions are cheaper.

2. Carry a water bottle

New York’s summer humidity is very dehydrating, so you’ll want to make sure you’re drinking plenty of water. When you’re out and about, carry water with you, whether it’s in a reusable container or store-bought bottle. Refill it from a public water fountain when necessary — NYC tap water is renowned for being delicious.

3. Carry cash

What does carrying cash have to do with summer travel? One of the many quirks of New York City is the ubiquitous presence of bodegas, small corner stores carrying basic groceries, snacks, toiletries, beverages and other necessities. When you’re out and in need of a refreshment, a bodega is one of the most convenient places to grab something, but many of them only take cash. Try to keep at least a few dollars on you at all times so you can get whatever you need without hitting the ATM.

4. Be near a body of water

On a 90-degree day in NYC, there’s a big difference between being smack dab in the middle of Midtown and being on the water. You can hit the beach, but don’t forget Manhattan is an island surrounded by three rivers. Head to a waterfront area or establishment, such as the Boat Basin Café, the Frying Pan, Grand Banks, the Seaport District or Brooklyn Bridge Park, for food, drinks, great views and more.

5. Beware of the empty subway car

Taking the subway in the heat of summer can be quite uncomfortable, as underground subway platforms tend to be 10 to 15 degrees hotter. Fortunately, the subway cars themselves are air conditioned, but sometimes it malfunctions. A dead giveaway that the A/C isn’t working is a subway car with little to no people inside it. Avoid getting on that car, even if it means entering a more crowded one instead.

6. Sip a frozen cocktail

Who doesn’t love cooling off and getting a little buzz at the same time? Several bars and restaurants don’t just serve but specialize in frozen cocktails perfect for summer day drinking. Popular spots include Momofuku Noodle Bar, Bar Primi (known for their frosé – frozen rosé wine), Mother’s Ruin, The Commodore, Playa Betty’s and Roof at Park South Hotel.

7. Wear sweat-friendly shoes

New York is a pedestrian city, and in the summer that comes with a whole lot of foot sweat. Opt for sandals made with absorbent sole material so your sweaty feet aren’t slipping out of them. If necessary, you can also add sweat-friendly insoles to your existing sandals to give them more traction.


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