How to Make the Most of Your Stay at an Aparthotel

How to Make the Most of Your Stay at an Aparthotel

There are hotels, and then there are aparthotels. An aparthotel, also called a residential hotel or extended-stay hotel, is a hotel with larger than average rooms containing fully equipped kitchens. Aparthotels tend to be better suited for long-term stays, families and business travelers. What’s more, guests still get to enjoy hotel amenities like a fitness center, housekeeping and concierge services.

What you get out of an aparthotel depends on what you put into it. Here are five ways to make the most of your aparthotel stay.

1. Prepare your own meals

Having a full-sized, fully equipped kitchen in your hotel room is a rare luxury. Don’t neglect it! Find some tasty recipes, locate a nearby grocery store and get cooking. You’ll save money on dining out every night and have the ability to cook healthier meals. Just be sure to cook the appropriate amount of servings depending on the length of your stay, to avoid wasting food. If you’re staying in a New York City aparthotel, follow our helpful tips for cooking and grocery shopping in NYC.

2. Spread out

A spacious room is another rare luxury provided by many aparthotels. Use the extra space to invite friends or family over, have an extended dinner party, play with the kids or do an exercise video. You can also feel better about packing a little more, knowing you’ll have plenty of places to put your things.

3. Make yourself at home

No one likes living out of a suitcase. Take the time to unpack your things and store them in the closet and dresser. Take out your toiletries and store them in the bathroom. Put your favorite music, TV channel or movie. Program your phone and laptop to automatically connect to the complimentary WiFi. Stock the refrigerator with food and drinks. Et cetera.

4. Stay a little longer

Aparthotels are suited for longer stays than a typical hotel. You’ll be so comfortable that you won’t want to ever leave. If you haven’t yet planned your trip, consider extending it and booking more nights. If you’ve already booked, ask the hotel about late checkout, or see if you can stay for an extra day or two.

5. Take advantage of the amenities

Amenities at an aparthotel are the same—or better—than those of a typical hotel, such as concierge services, complimentary WiFi, a 24-hour front desk, business and conference rooms as well as daily housekeeping. Others, like Q&A Hotel, may have unique amenities like grocery delivery, gourmet coffee shops, luxury fitness centers and pet-friendly policies. The majority of aparthotels will also have laundry facilities either onsite or in-room. Make yourself aware of the available amenities and take advantage of them.

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