Business Travel Tips: What to Pack for a Spring Trip to NYC

Business Travel Tips: What to Pack for a Spring Trip to NYC

With flowers in bloom, sunnier days and limited crowds, spring is a pleasant time of year to travel to NYC for business. The transitional weather, however, can make planning your wardrobe a challenge. Temperature fluctuations, unexpected rain and brisk winds will leave you feeling too hot, cold or wet if you don’t pack your outfits wisely. Fortunately, we’re here to list off must-pack clothing items that will leave you feeling stylish and comfortable during your trip.

1. Light jackets

Even well into spring, mornings and nights can get chilly in NYC. It may not be cold enough to need a wool coat or down jacket, but a light piece of outerwear will keep you sufficiently warm — not to mention save room in your suitcase. A jacket with a hood is most ideal, for when that light rain starts to fall but you’d rather not break out your umbrella.

2. Rain gear

April showers bring May flowers, as they say, and it’s certainly true in New York. You’ll want to pack an umbrella, and preferably a compact one that’s easy to carry around. A waterproof jacket with a hood is also your friend. Lastly, a good pair of water-resistant shoes will keep your precious feet dry and, furthermore, keep you warm overall (wet feet = cold body). Wellington boots, or “wellies” for short, are a stylish example.

3. Lightweight scarves

A lightweight scarf is an item that’s both stylish and functional for spring weather. It keeps you just warm enough during those crisp mornings and nights while adding some flair and color to your outfit. The same basic outfit can be completely transformed into a different look by adding a snazzy lightweight scarf. Try out different ways of tying a scarf to add even more variety to the mix.

4. Blazers

Blazers are a staple for every season of the year, but in spring, they can do double duty as both a light jacket and a fashion statement. Like a lightweight scarf, adding a bright-colored or patterned blazer can jazz up an otherwise simple outfit for spring. On warmer spring days, a 3/4-sleeve or even sleeveless blazer is an excellent way to dress up an ensemble while staying cool.

5. Good walking shoes

As the weather in NYC gets more pleasant, you’ll be more likely to do outdoor activities and walk from place to place for longer distances. On those days, your feet will thank you for packing a good pair of walking shoes. They don’t have to be ultra-functional athletic shoes, but high heels or delicate shoes should be avoided. There are plenty of trendy boots, sandals, sneakers and other styles of shoes suitable for traversing the city by foot on a sunny spring day.

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