Social Media Influencers Make Q&A Their Home Away from Home for NYFW 2018

Social Media Influencers Make Q&A Their Home Away from Home for NYFW 2018

The most stylish week in the Big Apple, New York Fashion Week (NYFW), calls for a stylish hotel. It’s no surprise then that fashion, travel and photography influencers love staying at Q&A Hotel during NYFW, with its distinctive design, spacious rooms, in-suite kitchens, unique amenities and, of course, large closets able to fit a myriad of outfits.

Two influencers with large social media followings, Nick Sorrentino and Brooke Hansen, recently made Q&A their home away from home during this year’s winter edition of NYFW. Nick is a commercial photographer and frequent traveler; Brooke is a creative visionary, blogger and social media guru.

Brooke wrote about her experience staying at Q&A Hotel during NYFW in two blog posts on her site, found here and here. Below are excerpts and photos highlighting her and Nick’s favorite things about Q&A and the surrounding neighborhood.

“We found our little home away from home”

We stayed at the Q&A Hotel which is located in the financial district. This hotel was unlike any hotel I’ve stayed at before it was unique in the way that they are also a residential hotel. The thing that was most exciting to me was that it felt more like a home as opposed to a hotel room. Having a kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living space, and even a washer and dryer in the unit. The experience from start to finish at the hotel was very pleasant, check in was a breeze and we found our little home away from home pretty easily.

I don’t know about you, but I love cold mornings in the city 💤❄

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Throughout the duration of my stay at Q&A Hotel I felt as if I was getting to experience a city I love so much the way locals do. Having the space to spread out and spend time sleeping in the bedroom, cooking in the kitchen and working and relaxing in the living room was a very relaxing and liberating experience. The concept of the hotel provides a home away from home for travelers who intend on staying for a while or those just looking to spend a couple of nights in New York. I can’t wait to visit NYC again and stay here again. The experience was elevated by the fact that I felt like I was at home the whole time.

Building & Amenities

I loved the building, seeing that part of it was residential and part was the hotel it really felt like I was getting a truly authentic New York experience. The decor in the main lobby was chic and minimalistic with interesting books placed on the tables. The room was modern and clean with all of the essentials you could possibly need during your stay.

I had never been to the financial district before, even though I’ve been to NYC multiple times. Everything was so grand, the buildings towered over the wide cobblestone street and the prominent air of Wall Street set the tone of the neighborhood. We were very close to the subway, One World Trade Center and on the street level was an amazing little coffee shop called Black Fox Coffee.

Asking this book what I should wear in this torrential downpour of rain…😂

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Upon entering the building which was built in 1932 I instantly noticed the classic Art Deco details throughout, reminding me of the history of the city. I loved that the building shared residential spaces with the hotel, making it feel like you are experiencing the city like a local. The hotel has 132 rooms and the average stay for a guest is about 4-5 days.

[The hotel] boasts an incredibly spacious fitness center, which I was so excited about. There is also a great spot on the street level called Black Fox Coffee where I fueled up for the day with caffeine and a croissant. Another great amenity in the building was the City Acres Market which is also located on the street level. During my stay I bought everything I could possibly need (food wise) there and was able to cook some meals in my suite.

Attention to Detail

Every detail you could possibly think of was perfectly executed in the suite that I stayed in. From the homey details in the bedroom, to having a washer and dryer available with detergent (which I undoubtedly used during my stay), and having dishes, soap and paper towels for the kitchen.

“All of the necessities you might need when cooking”

One of the highlights of the trip was being able to actually cook a full blown breakfast in our hotel room, it had all of the necessities you might need when cooking. The night before we decided to visit the City Acres Market which was located on the street level of the hotel, this I though was the coolest thing being able to just walk downstairs and have a full blown grocery store at your disposal. 

Although New York is known for having good food everywhere, it a was nice change of pace being able to cook some meals for myself instead of having to eat out 3 times a day. (which can get pricey when traveling) Being able to wake up and walk into your kitchen and prep a meal in your jammies was something that made this experience so relaxing. The hotel immediately felt like home. 


We thank Nick and Brooke for the kind words and gorgeous photos. If you’re an influencer and are interested in collaborating with Q&A Hotel, send us an email. In the meantime, follow us on Instagram for more juicy Q&A and Lower Manhattan-related content.