5 Carry-On Essentials for Your Next Flight

5 Carry-On Essentials for Your Next Flight

Traveling can be stressful, and packing for a trip can be equally as stressful. You may have your itinerary laid out, hotels booked and flights purchased, but you’ve saved the most tedious step for last. While packing clothes, toiletries, shoes and work-related items is important, you may forget to fill your carry-on with crucial items you’ll want to have access to during your flight.

In the face of long flights, layovers and potential delays, we suggest packing these five carry-on essentials to get you through your next trip safely and happily.

  1. Cellphone Charger

Now that many airports and airplanes are outfitted with USB charging ports, make sure you have a charging cord handy in your carry-on and that it’s accessible to you during your flight. You may want to contact the airline or check their website ahead of time to see if your flight offers this amenity. If not, or you’re unsure, a portable power bank provides a foolproof backup.

  1. Headphones

It’s no secret that airline-provided headphones are the worst. You can barely hear anything over the engine noise, and depending on the airline, you may incur a fee to use their one-time-only headphones. Even if you’re not planning on watching a movie or listening to music, noise-cancelling headphones will help you achieve some peace and quiet during the flight.

  1. ID/Passport

This may be a no-brainer, but bringing your ID and/or passport is an absolute essential when flying. Make sure your form of identification is valid and not expired. If you’re traveling close to its expiration date, call your airline carrier to determine if it’s safe to travel. Also, be sure to bring color copies of all your IDs.

  1. Entertainment

If you like reading, bring a book. If you’re looking to listen to some tunes, bring your iPod. If you’re trying to catch up on the latest blockbuster hits, make sure you purchase and download the movies at home while on WiFi.

  1. Sweater/Blanket

Regardless of where you’re traveling, airplanes are usually set to a cooler temperature. If you have a low tolerance for cold, bring a light sweater or a small, easy-to-pack blanket.

Aside from your ID, don’t fret if you forget to bring any of the other items mentioned—you can always purchase them in the airport. Before packing your suitcase, be sure to also read our blog on 5 Tips to Travel Light. For more business and travel tips, visit the Q&A Residential Hotel blog.