Clean the World

According to the World Health Organization, millions of lives could be saved with access to soap and proper hygiene education. In fact, pneumonia and diarrheal disease are two leading causes of death among children ages five and younger.  Every day over 2 million partially-used hotel soap bars are thrown away in the United States. Clean the World aims to save the lives of many by hygienically recycling soap and other related products discarded by hotels.

In November 2016, Axel Fischer, General Manager of Q&A Residential Hotel, started a new green initiative by partnering with Clean the World (CTW). While serving as Hotel Manager for The Chatwal Hotel, Axel was first introduced to CTW. “It was a no-brainer when I came onboard at Q&A to partner with a charitable organization such as CTW, especially since I had already worked closely with them at my previous hotel. They’re well organized and exceptionally professional,” said Fischer. During the first four months of the program, Q&A has donated roughly three full totes of discarded soap.

At Q&A, we collect the leftover soap bars from departing rooms, package them, and ship them to CTW. Our housekeepers and staff members are aware and excited to participate in this amazing program. “Our guests expect green initiatives and it is in our corporate DNA to be socially responsible and engaged in good causes,” Fischer emphasizes. Q&A hopes to continue working with CTW and other impactful non-profit organizations.

Next time you visit Q&A Residential Hotel, located at 70 Pine Street in Lower Manhattan, ask any of our team members why they’re delighted to be part of such an important cause.  Q&A Residential Hotel is a proud participant in the soap-recycling program from @CleantheWorld because #soapsaveslives.