NYC Tips: 4 Ways to Get Around Downtown Manhattan

NYC Tips: 4 Ways to Get Around Downtown Manhattan

How to Get Around Downtown NYC

Getting around New York City can be very easy, especially with its sophisticated subway system, until you venture Downtown. Downtown, or more specifically the Financial District, is known for its winding streets—ones that deviate from the beautifully simplistic grid system of Midtown and Upper Manhattan. Don’t fret. Here are a few tips to travel like a native New Yorker.


When in doubt, walk it out. Walking is the best way to get to know the streets of Manhattan.  Still unsure about where you’re going? All you have to do is download the app City Mapper and enter in your destination. It will give you step by step instructions and even follow your steps with a pin on the interactive map. If you have a foreign phone carrier, download City Maps2Go and pre-download NYC’s map while connected to WiFi. The location services will still work when you’re off WiFi.


Following in the footsteps of other international cities, such as London and Barcelona, NYC’s latest phenomenon is providing public bicycles for daily or monthly use. Simply locate the station closest to you by downloading the CitiBike app or visiting their website, purchase the 24-hour access pass and peddle on! It’s also a great way to ensure you are exercising while traveling.


The Subway is NYC’s greatest claim to transportation fame! Download the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) app or visit MTA’s website to receive up-to-date information about how to get where you need to go. Want to explore Brooklyn? Take the A, 2, 3, 4, or 5 train toward Brooklyn. If you’re looking to see the bright lights of Midtown, pick any line headed toward Uptown/Queens.


If all else fails, hail a cab.  NYC Taxi drivers are masters of navigating all neighborhoods in Manhattan. Step out to any street corner, place your hand high in the air and within moments you will have hailed a New York city cab. Remember, the taxi is unoccupied only when the roof sign is lit.

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