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36 Hours in Lower Manhattan

You’ve stayed in midtown, maybe even in Upper West Side – hell you might have rented a 200 sq. ft. studio in Chinatown for the experience but have you stayed in the Financial District in New York City? Lower Manhattan holds the most history, offers some of the best...

What is an Aparthotel?

Question: What is an Aparthotel or Apartment Hotel? Answer: Well, it is exactly as it sounds: an apartment that uses a hotel-style booking system and has the great amenities you’ll find at a hotel. Instead of staying in a 325 square foot room with a bed, a desk and...

Hotel Living in a New Era

Q&A Hotel App As the travel industry moves further into the technology arena, Q&A Residential Hotel is staying ahead of the game with new and innovative tools to advance your experience visiting our hotel. While staying at Q&A, guests are encouraged to...

Hotel Technology Trends for Travelers

It’s no news that business and leisure travelers alike have fully embraced technology. So why should that experience be limited when travelers go on a business trip or visit a new city? Technology offerings have become an increasingly important factor when consumers...