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Visiting One World Trade Observatory

Our ever expanding Q&A Perks Program recently added One World Observatory as a new partner! As a “welcome to the relationship”, our hotel marketing team was invited to experience this amazing new landmark first hand. Here is everything you need to know before...

Eataly Downtown

Fear not! You no longer have to travel to Midtown’s Flatiron District to explore Eataly’s greatest wonders—there is a new (ish) Eataly in FiDi. Located on the third floor of World Trade Center Tower 4, the 40,000 square-foot space offers a mix of new services,...

36 Hours in Lower Manhattan

You’ve stayed in midtown, maybe even in Upper West Side – hell you might have rented a 200 sq. ft. studio in Chinatown for the experience but have you stayed in the Financial District in New York City? Lower Manhattan holds the most history, offers some of the best...

A Guide to Downtown NYC Rooftop Bars

A Guide to Downtown NYC Rooftop Bars With the arrival of spring, it’s time to gather friends, family or coworkers and enjoy sunsets and outdoor spaces in New York. Despite Downtown NYC’s tall buildings and narrow streets, there are plenty of great rooftop bars that...

Best Bars in the Financial District

Financial District may be known as the economic center of the entire United States but the neighborhood is also lush with bars and nightlife. Whether you’re in for a relaxing evening over drinks with a pal or planning an evening full of bar hopping, FiDi (Financial...