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Business Tips: How to Network…the right way

“It’s not what you know. It’s who you know.” While this is valid business advice, it’s not always about exchanging business cards; it’s also about presenting yourself with confidence, knowledge and finesse.  Networking can be uncomfortable but it doesn’t have to be....

What is an Aparthotel?

Question: What is an Aparthotel or Apartment Hotel? Answer: Well, it is exactly as it sounds: an apartment that uses a hotel-style booking system and has the great amenities you’ll find at a hotel. Instead of staying in a 325 square foot room with a bed, a desk and...

Business Tips: 5 Tips to Travel Light

What is the weather like? Will I be walking long-distances? Should I wear a suit or can I wear casual attire? We’ve all been there and we’ve all stressed about packing. Whether our trip is for business or for pleasure, packing can be a burden for many. Here we list...

Hotel Living in a New Era

Q&A Hotel App As the travel industry moves further into the technology arena, Q&A Residential Hotel is staying ahead of the game with new and innovative tools to advance your experience visiting our hotel. While staying at Q&A, guests are encouraged to...

Top 5 Tips for Holiday Travel

Don’t lose your holiday cheer when traveling this season. Everyone knows holiday travel is stressful. Instead of getting anxious about an upcoming flight or worrying about what to pack for your time off, here are 5 tips that will make travel this season easier than...