Business Tips: Business Travel in the Winter

Business Tips: Business Travel in the Winter

Work never stops, it is always constant. Whether you’re traveling during the height of summer traffic or schlepping your way through snow in the dead of winter, business will always continue. If you’ve ever traveled before, you’ve most likely been stuck in an airport or two due to inclement weather conditions. Fortunately, whatever the weather, there are precautions you can take to avoid headaches during your next trip this winter season. Here’s what we recommend.

Avoid connecting flights

There’s nothing worse than making it halfway to your destination only to find out your next flight is cancelled.  What’s even more unsettling is dealing with last-minute hotel accommodations, rebooking flights and rearranging your schedule if you planned on going to work the next day. If it’s within your control (and budget), avoid reserving flights with connections. Non-stop flights may be more expensive, but in the grand scheme of things, it can end up being cheaper than getting held in a city overnight due to weather complications.

If you have no choice but to connect, give yourself enough time between flights. On average, the recommended time between connecting flights is 3 hours. If you’re worried about missing your connection, notify the gate agents and/or flight attendant and they may be able to make arrangements to have your next plane wait. If there are multiple people on your first aircraft that are traveling to the same destination, the power of numbers will be to your advantage. The next plane will be more willing to wait if there a number of delayed passengers from the same destination.

First is not the worst

Waking up at 4 am to be at the airport by 6 am may seem daunting, but the first flight of the day generally leaves on time, every time. Unless there is extreme weather in your departing city, the first plane almost always has new staff and a new plane, meaning you’re not stuck waiting for the crew to arrive from another city. Midday flights, especially out of busy airport spaces, are almost always delayed. Remember, international flights will always take priority over domestic, and most international flights take off in the evening.

Avoid guaranteed busy travel dates

The day before Thanksgiving is the busiest travel day in the United States. Avoid this day at all costs, if possible. The Sunday after a holiday is almost equally as busy, so be sure to grab the first flight out if you have to travel on that day. Traveling around Christmas can also be a nightmare, so plan accordingly. And lastly, remember that most business travel occurs on Thursday evenings. If you’re able to stay an extra night, fly out on Friday morning.

If you’ve followed each of these recommendations and still find yourself stuck in an unfamiliar city, take a deep breath and remember it is out of your control. Utilize the airline’s customer service for any rebookings, and ask about potential vouchers for travel inconveniences. If you find yourself stuck in New York City, make your way to Q&A Residential Hotel. We welcome all travelers this winter season!