Business Travel Tips: Jet-Setting with Your Pet

Business Travel Tips: Jet-Setting with Your Pet

As companies continue to expand their presence and send their employees around the world, we’re faced with more time on the road than at home. For those who are single and without pets, this lifestyle isn’t as challenging. For those with furry friends, however, travel may pose some issues. Although it was once a logistical nightmare, jet-setters can now breathe easier knowing that many hotels and airlines cater to the business traveler with pets.

Here are some tips to consider when preparing for your next business trip with an animal in tow.


Getting There

If you’re traveling by car, bringing your pet along isn’t a huge obstacle. If necessary, make sure to notify the rental car company that you’ll be traveling with an animal.

A few airlines, such as United Airlines, have begun catering to travelers with fuzzy companions. They allow cats, dogs and rabbits to travel in the cabin, as long as their carrier fits under the seat, for $125.


Pet-Friendly Accommodations

More and more hotels are opening their doors to travelers with pets. It’s no longer limited to pet-friendly rooms; hotels are now offering doggy daycare services, pet grooming facilities and designated grassy areas just for your four-legged friends. If you’re traveling for an extended period of time, consider corporate housing, as many companies partner with apartment buildings that allow pets.


Doggy Daycare

If your accommodations don’t supply pet daycare options, most US cities have a plethora of facilities peppered throughout their neighborhoods. Visit WoofAdvisor, the TripAdvisor for dogs, and search the city and type of service you’re looking for.


Dog Walking

Finding a dog walker in an unfamiliar city can be an unsettling task. Fortunately, technology has evolved to ease this fear through a variety of apps. For example, Wag! has a built-in GPS tracking system so you can watch your four-legged friend while out on their daily stroll. You’ll never have to worry about when and where the walker took Fido on that promised walk.

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