Is my flight ticket refundable?

Is my flight ticket refundable?

Travel plans can change. Whether it’s weather-related or for personal reasons, sometimes a flight needs to be cancelled. There is always the option to change your flight, but airlines often charge $150 to $500 in change fees plus the cost difference between both tickets. Is it ever possible to receive a full refund on your airline voucher?

Unfortunately the answer is neither yes nor no, it’s “it depends.” There are a number of factors to consider. For example, if you miss your flight and would like to hop on the next one, you may be charged an additional fee if the cost of the new flight is more than the original. You’ll also be placed on the standby list. There’s no guarantee you’ll get to your final destination for the same price as your original ticket.

According the U.S. Department of Transportation, every airline must hold or refund tickets within 24 hours, as long as the ticket was purchased seven or more days before your travel date. While not everyone’s plans change within that 24-hour window, this rule provides some relief if a mistake is made.

In the event of a medical emergency or death in the family, airlines can be flexible with refunds or changing your travel dates. Depending on the airline, you may need to present medical bills, a doctor’s note or a death certificate. Otherwise, considering the recent negative press surrounding customer service and airlines, customers now have better leverage when it comes to getting a refund.

At the end of the day, travel insurance may be your best option to ensure getting your money back on a nonrefundable ticket. What’s $50 compared to a $500+ loss? For more business and travel tips, visit the Q&A Residential Hotel blog.