Discovering NYC Series: Best Places to Relax in Lower Manhattan

Discovering NYC Series: Best Places to Relax in Lower Manhattan

New York City is constantly buzzing with people, construction, traffic and other everyday noise. Finding a moment of solace can be nearly impossible, especially for visitors who aren’t familiar with Lower Manhattan. We’ve scouted the most tranquil places in Downtown NYC that are perfect for achieving your inner Zen amid the mayhem New Yorkers call “city life.”

Elevated Acre

Overlooking the East River, Elevator Acre is known to be a ‘‘retreat in the middle of a concrete jungle.’’ Benches and tables  line the outer edge of the park facing the waterfront, providing the perfect spot for a mid-day breather. To access this lofted grassy knoll, look for the street-level escalator at 55 Water Street.

Museum of Jewish Heritage

If you haven’t visited the Museum of Jewish Heritage, here is yet another reason to do so. The Garden of Stones by Andy Goldsworthy is a living memorial garden of trees growing from stones planted by Goldsworthy, Holocaust survivors and their families in 2003. A place meant for contemplation, this outdoor oasis also provides stunning views of Brooklyn and the Statue of Liberty.

Irish Hunger Memorial

Located between Vesey Street and North End Avenue, the Irish Hunger Memorial is a peaceful enclave in Battery Park representing rural Ireland. Walking through the area feels like you’re on a stroll through Dublin’s land. The memorial is meant to raise awareness of the Great Irish Famine of 1845-52.

Teardrop Park South

Connected to the Irish Hunger Memorial and south of Teardrop Park itself, you’ll find a small hidden area complete with lush foliage, two peaceful fountains and plenty of seating. Teardrop Park South is a secret retreat perfect for private pensive moments or casual meetings.

There are plenty of parks and grassy knolls scattered throughout Lower Manhattan and the rest of the island. Be sure to visit any of the parks’ websites for upcoming events and tips for your visit. For more information on Downtown NYC, visit Q&A Residential Hotel’s blog.