Travel Tips: 5 Ways to Stay Like a Local

Travel Tips: 5 Ways to Stay Like a Local

From respecting your destination’s culture to saving money, there are many reasons to travel like a local on your next adventure. Tourist spots may still be worth checking out, but your greatest memories often come from full immersion in a new environment.  Here are 5 tips to get you started:

1. Learn key phrases

Learning key phrases is essential for navigating the city with ease. It can also help gain trust and respect from the destination’s residents. Download language apps like Google Translate or TripLingo for learning on-the-go.

2. Identify appropriate attire for the destination

In addition to researching the weather, it’s also wise to check for any followed dress codes or norms. You wouldn’t want to be traveling through a conservative country with only tank tops and shorts.

3. Read fiction/non-fiction books about the city

Give yourself the opportunity to fall in love with the city before you even visit. You’ll familiarize yourself with lay-of-the-land and iconic landmarks through a different perspective. Once you arrive, enjoy forming your own viewpoints!

4. Rent temporary housing or stay in a bed & breakfast

If you truly want to travel and live like a local, live with the locals! This option may not be for everyone, but home rental in the community and temporary apartment websites provide a variety of full residence and room-share options.

5. Use public transportation

Aside from saving money on cabs, public transportation will allow you to get to know  your surroundings a lot faster. Download travel maps before you depart for your trip and run a few searches. We recommend: CityMapper or CityMaps2Go.


Ready to go? Leave those socks with sandals and fanny packs at home to avoid sticking out like a sore thumb on your next vacation. For more information about local happenings and travel-related articles, visit our Q&A Residential Hotel blog. Happy traveling!