Memorial Day Weekend in NYC 2017

Memorial Day Weekend in NYC 2017

Memorial Day Weekend in NYC – Rain or Shine

The weather isn’t looking great, but there are plenty of things to do in and around New York City this Memorial Day Weekend. Whether you’re staying local or getting out of dodge, here are a few things to consider when solidifying your weekend plans:

If the weather is nice…

Head to the beach! All public beaches will open this Saturday for the season. Depending on the type of crowd you want, there’s a beach for everyone. If you’re looking for a party, head over to Rockaway Beach Surf Club for live music, a DJ performance, tacos and margaritas!

Alternatively, have a picnic. There are plenty of parks located in Manhattan. Grab a blanket, snacks, beverages, a good book and a few friends.  Then,  choose from one of many parks located in and around NYC. For a complete list of parks closest to you and what they feature, visit the NYC Parks & Recreation website.

If the weather is not so nice…

Go to the movies.  Cozy up in one of iPic Movie Theatre’s comfy chairs for an afternoon outing or date night plan. From Beauty and The Beast to the new Alien flick, there’s a movie fit for all ages.

New York City offers plenty of museums and art galleries suitable for all interests. Stop by the Museum of Modern Art and meander through hundreds of galleries with art ranging from the 1880s to the 1980s. Or, wander around Chelsea and stop in any of the open art galleries. For a complete list of galleries and their hours of operations, click here.

Whether it’s rain or shine, enjoy the holiday weekend and get ready for summer! While you’re staying at Q&A Residential Hotel, be sure to check out our blog for more local area happenings and events.