Discovering NYC Series: South Street Seaport

Discovering NYC Series: South Street Seaport

In 2012 Hurricane Sandy hit the South Street Seaport. What was once the cornerstone of social and business gatherings was completely washed out. Over the past few years, the Seaport District has reinvented itself by bringing back the classics while adding new life to the area. Here’s everything you can sightsee while visiting:


Discover the rise of New York as a port city and learn its crucial role in the development of our beloved country at the South Street Seaport Museum. Attend public workshops hosted by Bowne Printers throughout the year.


Experience movies like you haven’t before at iPic Theatre at Fulton Market. Choose from their chaise lounge seating or premium plus sections and order dinner and drinks while watching the latest blockbuster flick.


Shop till you drop! From fresh food and handmade goods at the Fulton Stall Market to custom leather jackets from New York City-based fashion designer Christian Benner, you won’t leave empty handed. Be sure to stop in to Emily Thompson Flowers for unique floral arrangements and unconventional, yet wild, materials.

Eat and Drink:

First, stop in Dorlan’s Tavern and Oyster bar for a dozen oysters and round of drinks. Then head over to the Italian bistro Barbalu, formerly known as Barbarin— one of the few groundbreaking restauranteurs that refused to let Superstorm Sandy stop them from doing business.

While there are many things to do right now at the South Street Seaport, there is so much more to come. Momofuku, ByChloe, and Jean Georges are just a few exciting neighborhood entrants on the horizon. Keep an eye out of a number of events hosted by the Seaport throughout the year, especially this summer. For more information about local events and area happenings, visit Q&A Residential Hotel’s blog.