3 Tips to keep up with fitness goals when traveling

It’s hard to find exercise time when scrambling to and from business meetings or hitting every major landmark in a city when traveling. You’re also constantly going out to eat, not paying attention to what you’re ordering and just living in the moment. Trying to stay focused on your 2017 fitness goals becomes an after-thought and sooner or later you’re right where you began on December 31, 2016. Here are three tips to stay on track with your 2017 exercise regimen while on the road:

Calendar time to work out

We’re so consumed by meetings, calendar invites, networking events, etc. that if we don’t designate 30 – 45 minutes in our calendars to work out, we’ll completely forget.  Set a calendar event either early in the morning or at the end of your day to exercise. Having a 15 minute reminder pop up on your phone will signal when your workout is about to begin.

In-room workout gurus

The internet is chock full of at-home workout videos. Just because you’re traveling and can’t find a local gym to utilize, doesn’t mean you can’t have a high intensity workout in your room. Search through hundreds of videos and vlogs to find the best virtual coach to guide you through your fitness challenges. If you need a recommendation, follow Troy Brooks on his Facebook or Instagram

Booking your stay with a gym

While there are many factors to consider when booking your hotel, try to find one with a gym. This way you don’t have an excuse not work out as there is already a fitness center right in your building. Packing gym clothes in your suitcase is another way to ensure you will exercise since luggage space is a precious commodity when traveling!

There you have it; three helpful tips to stay on track with fitness goals when traveling. The biggest takeaway is to set time aside for your workouts. When you schedule 30-45 minutes of time every day to exercise, you’ll have more success keeping up with the momentum. For more business and travel tips, visit Q&A Residential Hotel’s blog.