Travel Tips: Best Publications and Sources for Travel Inspiration

Do you have that one friend who travels to the most obscure places you’ve never heard of? You sit there, vigorously sifting through their recent batch of Facebook photos, wondering how the *** did they come up with the idea of traveling to BLANK? Two words: travel inspiration. It’s everywhere; on the internet, on your social accounts, billboards and more. The trick is finding what source best works for you! Here are a few outlets we recommend for travel inspiration:

Blog Inspiration

Be My Travel Muse. We roll out the red carpet for Kristin. As a former investment banker from Southern California, she sold all of her belongings to travel the world. Kristin is also an advocate for solo travel, something many find imperative for self-development and discovery. But enough about how awesome Kristin is—her website and blog are truly informational and dare we say, inspirational. From tips on what to pack to properly to budgeting funds for a trip, she tells it all.

Nomadic Matt is another great source for planning your next adventure. Once you land on his home page, click on Start Here and then Get Inspired. Matt takes a ‘no excuses’ approach to traveling and will answer any doubt or question you have about why you shouldn’t say ‘no’ to traveling.

Media Inspiration

Turn your attention towards the experts. From Conde Nast Traveler to Trip Advisor, there are literally thousands of articles sprawled across the internet waiting for you to digest their information.  Travel & Leisure supports anyone’s wanderlust. With slideshows featuring the most detailed photographs to pages of vacation ideas, spend hours perusing their website. Another helpful source for travel-spiration is The New York Times’ weekly article highlighting 36 hours in a specific city. This week’s article featured Trinidad.

Photo Inspiration

If you’re more of a visual learner, scour Instagram.  It doesn’t matter if you follow a few people or search a variety of hashtags, simply start exploring. A few of our favorite hashtags are: #Travelinspiration #travelblogger and #globetrotter. Pinterest or Google Images are additional resources. Search on a country, state or region and click away.

There you have it. Our favorite outlets to gain travel inspiration. Save a few paychecks, pack your bags, maybe grab a friend or loved one to get out there and use your PTO! For more information about local happenings and travel-related articles, visit our Q&A Residential Hotel blog. Happy traveling!