Black Fox Coffee is Open

Black Fox Coffee is Open

Black Fox Coffee, the Australian-owned artisanal coffee shop, is officially open! The first of its kind; Black Fox Coffee’s flagship store sits in the heart of Lower Manhattan at 70 Pine Street, conveniently in the same building as Q&A Residential Hotel. Black Fox’s rustic décor compliments the building’s art-deco interior and its tranquil atmosphere, and perfectly contradicts the noisy, frantic vibe of Wall Street. Regardless of Black Fox’s serene environment, the coffee is more than your average cup of joe. Its smooth, rich taste has the perfect balance of robust roasted flavors with sweet earthy notes. Their baked-on-the-premises almond croissant is one of the many food items that make the café so attractive. Think buttery flaky layers of pastry perfectly sweetened with almond paste cooked right inside—delicious. We sat down with Daniel Murphy, CEO of Black Fox Coffee, and asked him why his coffee is so damn good!

Why is your coffee so **** good?

Daniel: We source our coffee from roasters, generally small, independent farmers with minimal processing in their farming techniques, who we believe share our approach to the industry quality, freshness and seasonality. The roasters we partner with are Heart from Portland, 49th Parallel from Vancouver, Ruby from Wisconsin, Parlor from Brooklyn and Small Batch from Melbourne, Australia (where we are all originally from). We prepare our coffee in a variety of ways; these include espresso-based drink offerings, batch brew, cold brew and pour over.

Wait, there’s more?

Daniel: We also have a full breakfast and lunch menu which ranges from Avocado Smash (avocado and feta with pickled mustard seed onions and micro greens) to French toast (with house made ricotta and berry compote).  Our chef Allison Black also bakes our pastries and cakes in-house, providing a great morning or afternoon tea snack to complement our beverage offerings. 

How do you make you coffee at home – French Press? Keurig?

Daniel: I like to make my coffee at home either using my Breville Oracle Espresso Machine if I am in a hurry, or, if I have time (generally on the weekends), I will brew my coffee in a classic Chemex brewer. 

Lastly, what is YOUR favorite item(s) on the menu?

Daniel: My favorite coffee is our flat white and my favorite food item is our Chicken Sandwich- fresh roasted chicken topped with avocado, asparagus, green onion and romaine on toasted sourdough with an herbed aioli. 

Don’t take our word about how amazing the coffee is—visit Black Fox Coffee and see for yourself! Try their daily drip or switch it up with a cappuccino—you can’t go wrong. For more information about more amenities at Q&A Residential Hotel, please visit our blog.