What is an Aparthotel?

What is an Aparthotel?

QUESTION: What is an Aparthotel or Apartment Hotel?
ANSWER: Exactly as it sounds—an apartment that uses a hotel-style booking system and has all the great amenities you’ll find at a hotel.

Instead of staying in a 325-square-foot room with a bed, a desk and (if you’re lucky) a kitchenette, you’re staying in a fully equipped apartment. We understand that in New York City, some may try to sell you a closet and call it an apartment, but that is not always the case. At Q&A Residential Hotel, we offer much more. Here are some of the advantages you will find when you stay at an aparthotel like Q&A.

Aparthotel Advantages


Aparthotel suites are much larger than typical hotel rooms, offering more room to live rather than just a place to sleep and shower. For example, at Q&A Hotel, residences start at 500 square feet and expand up to 1,400 square feet in studio, one or two bedroom configurations—three times the size of a typical Manhattan hotel room. Every apartment is also equipped with a full-sized kitchen stocked with all the necessary cookware and utensils you would find in your home.


Q&A guests can stay anywhere from 1 to 29 nights. Unlike typical apartments or corporate housing, there is no need to sign any contracts or leases while booking. An aparthotel has the exact same booking system as a hotel, always available for last minute reservations or requests.


Amenities at an aparthotel are the same as a hotel, or sometimes even better. Guests can take advantage of concierge services, complimentary WiFi, a 24-hour front desk, business and conference rooms as well as daily housekeeping. The majority of aparthotels will also have laundry facilities on site and/or in-room washers/dryers.

Whether you’re traveling alone or with a group, an aparthotel provides spacious, fully furnished apartments perfect for spreading out and staying a little while longer. For more information about Q&A Residential Hotel, please visit our official blog.