Business Tips: 5 Tips to Travel Light

Business Tips: 5 Tips to Travel Light

What is the weather like? Will I be walking long-distances? Should I wear a suit or can I wear casual attire?

We’ve all been there and we’ve all stressed about packing. Whether our trip is for business or for pleasure, packing can be a burden for many. Here we list five essential tips to help ease the packing process in preparation for your next trip.

Tip 1. Do your research.

There is nothing worse than packing for the wrong type of weather or underdressing for the occasion. Check the local weather report for the dates which you’ll be traveling and if the region is known for certain weather patterns during that time year. Check in with a colleague or administrator for the dress-code of the office. With knowledge about the weather and surrounding environment, you will avoid over packing and underpreparing.

Tip 2. Pack toiletries in a small, flat case that is leak proof.

By using a hanging toiletries bag that can lay flat in your suitcase, you’re able to utilize more room and take up less space for other items. Also, spend the money on travel size toiletry products. This will decrease unnecessary weight and space in your bag.

Tip 3. Wear the bulkiest items on the plane.

For business travelers, bring your suit jacket on the plane. For vacationers, wear your sneakers or hiking boots on the flight.

Tip 4. Pack clothes that can be used in multiple outfits.

If your favorite shirt wrinkles after one use, do not bring it. Also, avoid heavy patterns – black is your friend. Neutral colors are also a perfect match with other outfits. If you still desire a pop of color, add a colorful scarf or tie.

Tip 5. Have a plan and give yourself ample time to pack.

Determine which outfit you will wear for each day, and give yourself options. First, pack shoes on the bottom and wrap them in left over grocery bags. This will help you protect your clothes and during your trip you can use one of the bags to store your laundry. Place your sockets and other small garments in between your shoes to fill in the left over space and to create a flat layer for the remainder of your clothes. Add your clothes on top by rolling them instead of folding them.

Remember, plan ahead and you will efficiently pack all your outfits whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure. For more information about local happenings and business reads, visit our Q&A Residential Hotel blog. Safe travels!