Five Myths and Tips for Purchasing Cheap Flights

Five Myths and Tips for Purchasing Cheap Flights

Myths and Tips for Purchasing Cheap Flights

We’ve heard them all: the cheapest flights are sold on Tuesdays; the best time to buy a flight is at the last minute; clearing your browser’s cookies results in cheaper fares. Unfortunately, these myths are all FALSE. There is no specific day of the week to purchase a flight and airlines aren’t desperate to fill empty seats. Here are a few tips to help you find the best, most affordable flights for your next business trip or vacation at Q&A Residential Hotel in New York City.

Tip 1: If it seems like a great deal, it is! Do not wait to purchase the flight because chances are the price will increase as time goes on.

Tip 2: Book far in advance. Researchers discovered that on average a flight ticket will cost $200 more when booking within seven days of departure. The more time you allow between the date you purchase your flight to the date of your departure, the cheaper the tickets will be.

Tip 3: Check other airline prices. Don’t be afraid to shop around as you may find a less expensive flight through another carrier. Skyscanner is a user-friendly, flight comparison website (for domestic and international travel) that won’t plague your computer with five pop-up windows.

Tip 4: Flexibility is key. If you live in an area with multiple airports near you, research the cost of flying to your desired destination from each local airport. Or if you’re flexible on which dates to travel, choose a timeframe and browse various flights within those dates. Remember though, if you’re planning on flying to Florida during March and April, chances are the cost of your trip will be more expensive than traveling there in October.

Tip 5: Open a credit card that offers travel rewards. Disclaimer: We do not recommend going into debt in order to receive travel benefits/discounts. We do, however, recommend contacting your bank and asking about their travel benefit options. Chase Sapphire has an excellent rewards program. Visit your local branch or apply online.

At the end of the day, the secret to buying cheap flights is that there is no secret! For more information about local happenings and business reads, visit our Q&A Residential Hotel blog. Happy traveling!