Guide to LA PALESTRA’s Facility – Q&A Residential Hotel

Guide to LA PALESTRA’s Facility – Q&A Residential Hotel

Guide to LA PALESTRA’S Facility

The much anticipated day has finally arrived and LA PALESTRA at 70 Pine is open and ready for fitness! The bi-level, 21,000 square foot state-of-the-art fitness center has just opened its first floor doors to all Q&A Residential Hotel guests who seek a workout during their stay. Here we explain why LA PALESTRA is so unique and what it has to offer our guests.

LA PALESTRA isn’t your average hotel fitness center, or gym for that matter. The lifestyle center was designed to blend preventative medicine and fitness—a need founder and president Pat Manocchia discovered from his years in the industry. The brand’s member base includes professional athletes, cancer patients, marathoners, and individuals seeking more than your average workout. Unlike other hotel gym facilities, LA PALESTRA has a full-time trained staff ready to assist their workout warriors with whatever their exercise needs require. Unlike other over crowded gyms, the layout of the fitness center is a balance of space and sophistication, specifically designed to encourage movement.

While staying at Q&A Hotel, guests will be able to take advantage of the top-of-the line fitness equipment, weights, mats and steam room. The equipment found in LA PALESTRA was hand-picked by the founder for quality assurance. Premier brands include Cybex and Technogym. Guests will also have access to one of the latest workout machines not typically found in most fitness centers, the Sproing. This device resembles a backwards treadmill but instead of the rotating belt, there is a stationary pad giving the user the ability to work out at maximum intensity without aches and pains. It is the latest equipment preventing stress on bones and joints. Runners love them; strength trainers can’t get enough of them. During LA PALESTRA’s soft opening, guests have access the first floor, located in the lower level of 70 Pine from 6am to 10am and 4pm to 8pm daily.

If you are going to stay in Downtown Manhattan, make sure you book with Q&A Residential Hotel. Of the wide range of amenities available to our guests, LA PALESTRA stands out. Its cutting-edge fitness center making it easier to maintain your exercise regimen while you’re away from home. Learn more by visiting LA PALESTRA’s website or stop by the facility and schedule a time to talk to any of their highly knowledgeable trainers and lifestyle coaches.