How to Amplify Your Exercise at LA PALESTRA

How to Amplify Your Exercise at LA PALESTRA

One of the (many) perks of staying at Q&A Residential Hotel is having access to LA PALESTRA, an on-site health and wellness facility at 70 Pine. It’s complimentary for all Q&A residents—perfect for maintaining your regimen during travel. The fitness center features a yoga and Pilates studio, strength and cardio equipment, daily classes, private massage and treatment rooms, and an endless amount of endorphins.

Hectic schedules can make exercise a low priority for many, especially business travelers. We sat down with Pat Manocchia, the Founder & CEO of LA PALESTRA, to give us the scoop on the gym, staying active in NYC, and how Q&A residents can get the most out of their experience at LA PALESTRA.

  1. Tell us a little about LA PALESTRA.

“After working with my own clients, I saw a need for both a place and a service platform that bridged a gap between medicine and fitness – a place that had education and community at its core where people could learn about the exercise they were doing and how to both take care of themselves and perform optimally. Ultimately, I wanted to make their life better.”

  1. So what makes LA PALESTRA different from any other gym guests can go to in the city?

“Three things: One, a 360 degree health and fitness evaluation. Two, LA PALESTRA [only allows] a limited amount of members that provides both privacy and an un-crowded, user-friendly space. Lastly, programming expertise – we work with professional athletes, cancer patients, pregnant women and marathoners.”

  1. That’s amazing! If I’m crunched for time but I want to get a quick workout in, what do you recommend guests do at LA PALESTRA in under 30 minutes?

“I just happened to have written a book that addresses this: THE FIVE ESSENTIAL EXERCISES. (THE FIVE ESSENTIAL EXERCISES by Pat Manocchia, Thunder Bay Press; 2010.) These exercises are the Push Up, Pull Up, Lunge, Dead Lift, and Abdominals. A 30-minute workout might look like this:

  • 5 minutes of aerobic warm-up
  • 5 minutes stretching / movement preparation
  • 15 minute circuit using the 5 Essential Exercises
  • 5 minutes of cool down.
  1. Okay! What about calorie-blasting moves?

“Any exercises that use large muscle groups in combination require a lot of calorie expenditure and these are great, but that’s assuming everything works the way it’s supposed to. Anything that would expend a lot of energy in a short time is either intense, or high technical demand, or both. Before I would suggest going for any kind of a workout based on calorie expenditure, I would make absolutely sure about technique; always skill before intensity. The absolute best calorie burner is consistency.”

  1. What about strength training moves that double as cardio? 

“All strength training can be cardio. How much cardiovascular demand an exercise requires is dependent upon the intensity but let’s be clear, ‘cardio’ is not necessarily ‘aerobic.’ Plyometric or explosive exercises have a high cardiovascular demand (jump-squats, burpees, clap push-ups, etc.) but even simple body weight exercises performed to failure (walking lunges, push-ups, etc.) will do the trick. Try any basic exercise, do a set to failure (where you can’t perform another repetition, rest :30 seconds) then repeat this 5 times to provide a substantial cardiovascular demand.”

Want to Learn More About LA PALESTRA?

If you are currently staying or plan to stay in New York City, make your visit as seamless as possible at the Q&A Residential Hotel. LA PALESTRA makes it easy to maintain your exercise schedule while you’re away and offers a state-of-the-art fitness experience. Learn more about LA PALESTRA, opening its 70 Pine location November 2015.